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Falling in love with Holiday Traditions

Give me all the twinkly lights, holiday mugs, Christmas tree picking, fresh fallen snow and suddenly I'm feeling all sorts of festive.

Children making hot chocolate Christmas cookies together
Festive fun: Creating holiday memories with your family

It's the little things I'm trying to savour, bringing holiday romance to my every day life.

Is it extra - heck yes. Am I happy - you bet.

Life isn't always a holiday but when I can, I like to sip, savour, cuddle and soak in as much beauty and joy this time of year.

Let's linger a little longer with whatever or whomever makes our heart grow fonder, this holiday season.

It's the holiday traditions that started way back that pull my heart strings the most.

Thanks to my sister-in-law, we have been going to buy a Christmas tree together with our families ever since we moved to our small town of Uxbridge years ago.

This has ranged from heading out for idyllic wagon rides and fireside hot chocolate at our local tree farm to buying it in the Canadian Tire parking lot and heading across the street to Tim Horton's for timbits and a tailgate coffee cheers!

>>Check out the video footage from our fun family trip to the Christmas Tree farm HERE

The point is, it doesn't really matter where you buy it, whether it's real or not or you might eve not have a tree at all. My mom has a Key West lime tree that she decorates but that's a whole other story for another time.

Snow dusted trees with a welcoming sign to our local Christmas Tree farm
Continuing our annual tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree at a local farm.

It's really about enjoying the traditions that make your heart happy during the holiday season and who you enjoy them with - even if it's quality time with yourself.

So go ahead and enjoy some festive fun with those you love - as the lasting gift is the memories of these moments that will stay with you forever.

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