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Welcome to Kindness Warrior, a community of heart-centered souls desiring to cultivate more kindness, connection, and warmth in their lives. Our clothing shop offers a variety of comfortable and feel good clothing designed to inspire and uplift you. Our online community provides a safe and supportive space to connect with others on the same journey. Our business mentorship program offers guidance and support to help you navigate the challenges of running a small business with kindness and compassion. We believe that together we are stronger and can create a kinder world. Join us on this journey of growth, connection and community.


Meet Our Founder

Sarah Maclachlan

Sarah’s clothing business began the day she wore a Kindness Warrior tank top that she custom designed and printed to her local yoga class. By the end of the class, members were inquiring about the clothing and the demand sparked the creation of the Kindness Warrior brand.

Customers fell in love with the brand’s inspiring message and the spirit of kindness woven into the foundation of Sarah’s business. Kindness Warrior quickly became a thriving online community in its first 4 years in business. 

Now in 2024, Sarah’s vision for the business is expanding, including small business mentorship, co-working meetups and online community building. Through writing, speaking, workshops and events, Sarah gathers heart-centered entrepreneurs together in the spirit of love & kindness.

Love is the name of her game. Love of self, others, mother earth and most importantly in her words: the love of our shared humanity. She wholeheartedly believes that we are stronger together. 

Her unique ability to hold sacred space and deeply see people are her greatest superpowers. As a Human Design projector, Sarah’s intuitive guidance will gently heal your heart, soothe your mind and nourish your soul. 

This girl was MEANT to party - but only if it’s during the day, involves brunch and bonus points if the attire includes frayed jeans and a concert tee. 

Nevermind the small talk, Sarah loves to dive in deep when chatting all things WOO, like human design, energy management and the lunar cycles.

Did we also mention she snorts when she laughs, loves warm hugs (like Olaf same, same) and brings sunshine to whatever room she enters? Meet Sarah - the second most beloved Maclachlan in Canada.  

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