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Kindness Warrior, 8 Years Later

I've been thinking lately how wild it was that we launched our beautiful kind hearted brand online in 2016.


I stand here 8 years later with a heart full of love and gratitude for YOU, my dear sweet warrior community.

You might have found us at a yoga studio, or met us at a market, heard about us from your bestie or saw our conscious clothing on someone LOVED the mantra and then perhaps thought what the heck is a Kindness Warrior, lol.

But one way or another your questions, curiosity, shared beliefs and beautiful heart led you to us and for this we will be eternally thankful.

It has been 8 years of love filled notes, soulful conversations, online chats, stories shared of strength, courage, compassion. and hugs (SO MANY DARN HUGS).

You see it's no mistake that you found us, in fact it was meant to be. The faith, hope, spirit of kindness that you see in our brand and in our mission is the same faith, hope and spirit of goodness that lives within you.

It's been 8 years getting to know you my dear and what I've witnessed is nothing short of a miracle. You are the givers, doers, helpers, heart led teachers with beautiful hearts and souls.

Your good thoughts, actions and intentions remind the world that good still exists. You represent the sweetness, grace and beauty of kindness and embody the bravery, resiliency and fierceness of the warrior.

A message, a mission, a prayer, a family, my hope for the future of our children: Kindness Warrior.

8 years filled with Love. I’m ever so happy that found us because……...

You belong here darling. You are a Warrior.

Want to hear a more about the origin story of Kindness Warrior and the journey of turning your dreams into a full time business? Find all the juicy details HERE.


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